The new Cochlear™ Baha® DermaLock™ Abutment (BA400)

Sound Connection | Issue 9 | July 2013

More than 1,000 surgeries with the Cochlear™ Baha® DermaLock™ Abutment have already been performed worldwide with positive outcomes for the recipient.

Specially designed for soft tissue preservation surgery

The Baha DermaLock Abutment is the only abutment specifically designed and approved with CE-mark certification for soft tissue preservation surgery. Unlike conventional titanium, the unique DermaLock surface (TiOblast®) is proven to promote good stability in the soft tissues by creating a tight integration with the soft tissue, thereby improving the barrier against infection. This allows for a less invasive surgical technique which preserves the hair and soft tissue around the abutment.

Shorter surgery time, faster healing and improved soft tissue outcomes

Post-market follow-up shows that the Baha DermaLock Abutment with skin preservation is beneficial for adults and children, allowing a shorter surgery time, faster healing and improved soft tissue outcomes in terms of less pain and numbness around the implant. These benefits and the improved cosmetic result (see figure 1) are important to point out during pre-operative counselling of potential patients for the Baha procedure.

New surgical Baha DermaLock surgical procedure videos available

Streamlining the surgical procedure, by removing the most time-consuming and demanding step in the surgical process (tissue reduction), enables faster and more cost-efficient surgery.

In order to visualise this new Baha surgical technique, have a look at the step by step surgical video on the Cochlear Professional Web.