Rehabilitation videos

Welcome to our rehab videos for cochlear implant users and their families.

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Getting used to hearing with cochlear implants can take time and effort, which is why we've created this series of videos to guide you through the rehabilitation process.

Our videos cover a range of topics including how to use and maintain your cochlear implant, how to improve your listening skills, and how to communicate effectively with others. We also provide tips and tricks for making the most out of your cochlear implant experience.

Whether you're a new cochlear implant user or a family member supporting a loved one, we hope that our videos will help you navigate the challenges of hearing loss and make the most out of your cochlear implant journey.

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Rehabilitation videos

Cochlear implants can be life-changing for babies with hearing loss. As a parent of a baby with a cochlear implant, you may be eager to support your child's auditory development and communication skills. Rehab videos can be an invaluable resource in this journey, offering guidance, tips, and techniques to help you and your little one make the most of their new hearing capabilities.

These rehab videos typically cover a range of topics, including:

Auditory skill development: Learn how to encourage and support your baby's listening skills, from sound awareness to speech recognition. Examples of activities and games designed to promote auditory development will be demonstrated, ensuring you have plenty of ideas to keep your baby engaged and learning.

Speech and language development: Understand the milestones your baby should be reaching as they grow and discover how to foster their speech and language skills effectively. Strategies for incorporating language into everyday routines and playtime will be shared, making it easy to provide a language-rich environment for your child.

Parenting tips: Adjusting to life with a cochlear implant can be challenging for both babies and parents. Rehab videos offer advice on how to manage common concerns and challenges, ensuring you feel confident and well-equipped to support your baby's journey.

Stories and testimonials: Hearing from other parents who have navigated the cochlear implant journey can be both inspiring and reassuring. Rehab videos often feature personal accounts, giving you a glimpse into the experiences of others and providing motivation to stay committed to your baby's progress.

See the YouTube playlist for the rehabilitation videos.

As cochlear implant technology continues to advance, rehab videos play a crucial role in supporting teens and adults in their journey to better hearing and communication. These resources empower individuals to take charge of their auditory rehabilitation and improve their overall quality of life.

These videos typically feature a range of exercises, tips, and strategies aimed at enhancing the listening skills and speech recognition abilities of cochlear implant users. They cover topics such as:

Auditory training exercises: These exercises help users to identify and distinguish various sounds, such as speech, music, and environmental noises. They may involve home activities or engaging in guided listening tasks.

Speech and language therapy: This component focuses on improving speech production, articulation, and language comprehension. Techniques may include speechreading, practicing specific sounds or words, and engaging in conversational activities.

Social and emotional support: Adjusting to life with a cochlear implant can be challenging, and in this rehab videos we address emotional aspects of this journey. They may offer advice on coping with frustration, building self-confidence, and connecting with others who have similar experiences.

See the YouTube playlist for the rehabilitation videos.


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