Cochlear implants for children

Good hearing opens a world of possibilities for children and their families. Learn how cochlear implants may help your child.

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What you'll find on this page

  • How cochlear implants may improve a child's hearing.
  • The benefits of cochlear implants.

Singing nursery rhymes. Learning the alphabet. Saying "I love you". Hearing plays a crucial role in many aspects of your child's life.

For children with severe to profound hearing loss, getting a cochlear implant early may provide sufficient auditory input to help develop speech and language skills.1

"Phoebe has this extraordinary life. She doesn't have any limitations. She can be whatever she wants to be, and find who it is that she's going to become."

- Cynthia S., Mother of Pheobe - Nucleus® recipient

Who do cochlear implants help?

Cochlear implants are suitable for children with severe to profound hearing loss in one or both ears, or for children getting only limited benefit from hearing aids.

Even if your child has moderate hearing loss, a cochlear implant may still be an option if hearing aids aren't effective.

Could your child benefit from a cochlear implant?

  • Was your child born with severe to profound hearing loss?

  • Was your child born with normal hearing and has progressive hearing loss?

  • Does your child fail to respond to your voice or loud sounds?

  • Does your child fail to look at someone who’s speaking?

  • Does your child react to only very loud sounds?

  • Is your child not imitating speech sounds like other children?

  • Is your child missing the normal speech and language development milestones?

  • Has your child lost hearing since first learning to speak?

  • Does your child rely on lip reading a lot of the time?

  • Does your child find the effort of concentrating to hear and understand teachers exhausting?

To find out if a cochlear implant may help, talk to a hearing health professional who specialises in all types of hearing technology.


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*1 Views expressed are those of the individual. Consult your health professional to determine if you are a candidate for Cochlear technology.


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