Questions for your surgeon

Hearing implant surgery is considered a routine operation. The best way to feel ready is to talk through the procedure with your surgeon.

patient is discussing the procedure for his cochlear implant with surgeon

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  • Suggested questions to ask about surgery day.
  • Some questions to ask about hearing outcomes.

“My mission, I think, it’s to listen to people and Osia helps me do what I love most."*¹

- Gabriela, Cochlear™ Osia® System recipient

Here are some questions to ask your surgeon to help make sure you and your child both have all the information you need to feel confident about an implant operation.

Questions about surgery day logistics

  1. Can I get a tour of the hospital in advance?

  2. What time should I arrive?

  3. What should I wear?

  4. What should I bring with me?

  5. Should I avoid eating/drinking before coming in?

Questions about surgery

  1. Do I stay in the hospital overnight?

  2. How long does the surgery take?

  3. Will you shave my hair?

  4. Where will you make the incision?

  5. What will I look like after surgery?

  6. Will there be swelling?

  7. What does the recovery process involve?

  8. How long will recovery take?

  9. What should I do if I experience pain?

  10. Are there any risks I should consider?

Questions about hearing outcomes

  1. Will I be able to hear immediately after my surgery?

  2. How well will I hear?

  3. Will I be able to talk on the phone?

  4. Will I be able to listen to music?

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*1 Views expressed are those of the individual. Consult your health professional to determine if you are a candidate for Cochlear technology.