Cochlear Nucleus CR230 Remote Assistant

Cochlear Nucleus CR230 Remote Assistant

Item number: Z418891


Compatible with Kanso™, Nucleus® 6, Baha® 5 and Baha 4 sound processors

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The Nucleus® CR230 Remote Assistant has a full featured, intuitive design that puts you in control of monitoring and managing your own hearing. The remote assistant communicates with your sound processor through the process of pairing, allowing you to conveniently adjust your settings without touching your sound processor * A great tool for parents and caregivers to troubleshoot * Manual changes on the sound processor show on the remote *Attaches to a lanyard for easy access * Uses a built-in rechargeable battery (Requires the CR200 Series Remote Assistant Charging Kit to recharge, available separately) * The device allows you to change programs, turn telecoil on and off, view the sound processor’s status and adjust the volume and sensitivity.

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Cochlear Nucleus CR230 Remote Assistant