Welcome to the Cochlear Store

Welcome to the Cochlear™ Store

Find helpful items to stay on air, enjoy water activities, care for your sound processor and help you hear your best.

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Listen to music, call a friend, watch TV or go for a swim. Enjoy your favourite activities and connect with family and friends with these lifestyle accessories.


Merch and hearing support

Our collection of branded gear, books, hearing therapy support tools and more.

Keep your device in top condition

Batteries and chargers

Stay on air

Make sure you’re always on air by keeping spare batteries and backup chargers.

Microphone covers and protectors

Sound quality

Help get the best performance from your sound processor by replacing your microphone protectors every three months, when they look dirty or if you lose sound quality.

Drying units

Clean and dry

Get everything you need to keep your device free from dust, grime and moisture.