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What is the Cochlear Provider Network (CPN)?

The Cochlear Provider Network (CPN) connects independent dispensing audiology/audiology-ENT practices dedicated to treating hearing loss with surgeons who are interested in raising hearing implant awareness.

CPN providers are focused on:

  • A desire to offer all hearing solutions - beyond traditional amplification
  • An inherent drive to be the hearing health care expert in the community
  • Being comfortable with a medical model and partnering with a surgeon
  • Experience with billing for services
  • Being a licensed audiologist

Why is it important?

Many of the patients who would benefit from an implantable hearing solution are sitting in dispensing audiologist's offices. Unfortunately, the following statistics point to a gap in service offerings:

  • Less that 10% of people who would benefit from an implantable hearing solution are treated1,2
  • When implant recipients were polled, the majority say they did not receive information about implantable options from their dispensing audiologist or hearing aid provider2
  • Over 77% of recipients say that if they could do it over again, they would have gotten their implant sooner2

The question is how do you start exposing your patients to potentially life-changing implantable solutions?


"I see implants as one of the most, if not the most, rewarding parts of my practice, and welcome anything that will contribute to implant growth."

Jon Isaacson, MD

How does the CPN work?

We know that you are the center of your patients hearing health care, and your opinion and knowledge drive their decision making process. By offering all hearing loss treatments - hearing aids, bone anchored, and cochlear implant solutions you become the highly competent expert, consistently providing patient satisfaction. This expertise is a huge differentiator and a distinct advantage over those who have limited service offerings.

With the exception of the actual surgical procedure, CPN providers are involved in the "cradle to grave" care of their patients. This is much different from a standard referral model where you may not ever see your patients again.

CPN providers are trained in:

  • Candidacy identification & evaluation
  • Initial activation programming
  • Follow up programming and audiology services
  • Billing and reimbursement guidelines
  • Troubleshooting and self-help services

Why partner with Cochlear?

Cochlear is the only manufacturer that offers a complete portfolio of implantable solutions, including cochlear implants, bone conduction, and revolutionary technologies such as Hybrid, which address hard-to-fit ski slope hearing loss.

  • Pioneer of cochlear implant technology and the largest manufacturer of implantable technology in the world
  • Most chosen and most trusted worldwide3,4
  • More than 450,000 Cochlear recipients worldwide rely on us for access to the latest research and most current technology
  • Candidate management tool that allows you to stay up to date on your patients' journey
  • Help with awareness marketing always referencing you as the hearing health care provider
  • Facilitation of medical partnerships with participating CPN surgeons
  • Lifetime commitment to patients with our dedicated Recipient Services Group

"The CPN Program has given me the opportunity to expand the care I can provide to my patients that goes beyond traditional solutions. Additionally, my patients feel more comfortable knowing that I am going to be there for them at every step in their hearing health care journey."

Kollene Sistek, AuD

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