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Sound Foundation for Toddlers Program

Once a baby learns to crawl, they will soon be eager to walk. In the same way, when your toddler begins to understand simple sounds, they will soon want to move on to more complex challenges in speaking, listening and understanding. Our program enables your child to meet those challenges with fun activities that sharpen language skills, heighten listening ability, and increase comprehension. Our unique program gives your child lifetime tools to successfully speak and listen to the world around them.

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Program Description

Sound Foundation for Toddlers continues the journey that began in Sound Foundation for Babies, empowering your child to develop their listening and speech skills. Your family can use this program for children 24 to 36 months of age. Fun weekly activities are designed for you to use at home to develop your child’s core learning areas of audition, receptive language, expressive language and speech. We also provide a suggestion for a song and book of the week to help your child meet their weekly goals with a fun activity. You will also find hundreds of games, activities and ideas to help you hone your child’s spoken language and listening skills. We believe you will find the activities effective, as they are designed to fit easily into everyday life and provide knowledge and understanding of the theory behind each weekly goal.

Where to get started:

We encourage you to try the sample program activity. If this seems like the type of program that interests you: let’s start with a short assessment so we can point you in the best direction and help get your child working on the skills you wish to improve.


Program Sample

Here is a sample of the Sound Foundation for Toddlers program – we’re excited for you to try it out!

In this activity you will focus on your child’s ability to remember 1 – 2 nouns as well as people. You won’t be teaching any new words in this activity, but help your child remember 2 words they already know.

Activity: Bye-Bye Animals

You and your child play with farm animals toys. When it’s time to put them away, line up the four animals your child knows best, keeping their choices to a closed set of four so that they have a better chance of success. You say “Bye-bye cow and pig.” If your child doesn’t pick up both animals, model for him/her by picking up the cow and the pig at the same time and putting them in the barn.

Try again with four animals lined up. This time say “Bye-bye sheep and horse,” and gently guide your child’s hands to the animals and help them put them in the barn. Now try again without guiding your child’s hand. If they still pick up only one animal, hold out both of your hands to show your child that you want one animal in each hand. This usually helps them get the idea.

For this activity, you will need farm animals that your child can name spontaneously.

These activities and resources are conveniently designed to be used wherever you may be, whether at school, the library, a café, or another setting. We believe our program will help you successfully address the communication challenges you may encounter on a daily basis.