Make the most of your new hearing

There's more to hearing with an implant than just switching it on. Learning to hear takes patience and practice, but it's worth it.

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What you'll find on this page

  • Why rehabiliation is important to using your new hearing.
  • How practice and patience will help over time.

Learning to hear happens over time

Training the brain to understand the sounds it's receiving from a hearing implant is crucial to getting the best result.

Your brain will need time to interpret all the new sounds, which can take time. How long it takes will be different for everyone.

After you start hearing with your new device, you will need to practice listening and speaking as much as possible.

Practice at home

The more you practice, the better. This means enlisting the help of family and friends to talk and listen more and more.

You can also listen to audio books or podcasts or read along with someone from a book — these are all ways to improve your hearing.


How to get Cochlear's rehabilitation resources

Cochlear provides online resources, tools and strategies to assist teen to adult recipients with different situations.

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