Cochlear Magnet

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Compatible with the Nucleus® 8 and Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor.
This Cochlear™ Magnet is only compatible with Nucleus Profle™ Plus Series Implants (CI612, CI622, CI632).

It is not compatible with Nucleus Profile Series, CI500 Series, CI24RE (Freedom) Series, CI24R and CI24M Implants.

If you have a Nucleus Profile Plus Series Implant, the magnet in your Slimline™ Coil will be marked with the symbol (I). If you are not sure which implant model you have, please contact your hearing healthcare professional.

Product information


The Cochlear™ Magnet holds your Cochlear Nucleus 8 Slimline™ Coil in place during normal daily activities. Different magnet strengths are available to provide the most comfortable fit.

Product colour

Black, Grey, Brown, Sand, White, Silver

Magnet strength

1/2M (weakest), 1 M, 2 M, 3 M, 4 M, 5 M, 6 M (strongest)*

What's included

Cochlear Magnet

*Please consult with your hearing health professional if you are changing magnet strength or if you are not sure which implant model you have.