"Osia has changed my life to such a high degree that I can hardly imagine what it would be like not having it."

- Chris W. - Osia® recipient

The Cochlear™ Osia® System allows Chris to continue his passions

Feeling isolated for decades of his life was no longer a reality that Chris was willing to accept. Thanks to the Cochlear™ Osia® System, he now has the confidence to interact and play with his grandchildren and embrace his passions for swimming and music. Not only does he have more confidence in all types of social settings, Chris also loves the ease and versatility of the Osia System. He is able to carry on with his favorite activities, and he can keep the device on while swimming, thanks to the waterproof case.

In addition to swimming, it was important that Chris would be able to continue his involvement in choir, as music is a huge part of his life, so finding a hearing loss solution that fit his needs was invaluable. He is continually impressed that he can do everything that he wants to and says wearing the device has always felt comfortable, normal, and natural. His appreciation for living a more effective and enjoyable life is not something he takes for granted.

Chris is astonished by the difference the Osia System has made in his life and has no plans of ever letting hearing loss take away from his most cherished experiences.


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