Baha® 5 Power Processor Basics

This section will show you how to operate your Baha® 5 Power Sound Processor, including how to make adjustments to settings and programs, and the available accessories.


  1. Visual indicator
  2. Microphones
  3. Battery compartment door
  4. Volume rocker
  5. Attachment point for the safety line
  6. Tamper proof battery lock
  7. Wireless audio streaming button
  8. Snap connector


The Baha 5 Power uses a disposable type 675 zinc-air battery. The batteries included in the sound processor kit reflect Cochlear’s latest recommendations.


Connect your Baha 5 Power with iPhone

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Locking battery door


To prevent the accidental opening of the battery door a locking mechanism is available. This is particularly useful for children. Use the tamper proof tool provided in the sound processor box to lock and unlock the battery door.


  1. To lock the battery door, place the locking tool into the battery door slot. Slide the locking pin up into place.
  2. To unlock the battery door, slide the locking pin down into place and gently open the battery compartment


Baha Safety line

Insert the line into the attachment point, loop the clip through and fasten it to your clothing.

Note: The safety line should always be used when a Baha sound processor is worn by children.


Full indications, contraindications, warnings and instructions for use can be found in the User Manuals supplied with the device.
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