Connect with a Volunteer Through Cochlear Connections

Connect with someone who has experienced a personal hearing journey similar to yours.

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Mandy R.

Enjoys traveling and baking.
*Nucleus® 6 & Hybrid™ Hearing¹ Bilateral


Emily G.

Joshua’s hobbies are sports, dancing and he has a huge heart for helping people.
*Baha® 5 Attract Bilateral


Anna T.

I enjoy traveling, hanging out with friends and family, hiking, being outside and reading.
*Nucleus® 7 & Kanso® Bilateral


Annette Z.

I enjoy gardening, growing flowers, weight training classes, yoga, and attending theatre.
*Kanso® Bimodal


Bob H.

I am a retired CPA/CFO. I enjoy tennis, running, reading and spending time with my grandchildren.
*Kanso® Bimodal


Chrissy F.

Alex loves playing chess, technology science engineering, and being part of a robotics team.
*Baha® 4 Attract Unilateral


Dan N.

I enjoy playing with my grandsons, woodworking and listening to old radio detective broadcasts from the 40s and 50s.
*Baha® 5 Connect Unilateral


David K.

I have been able to achieve my goal of dramatically improved hearing with the bimodal solution.
*Nucleus® 6 Bimodal


Denise B.

With two Nucleus® 6 processors and the wireless accessories I can hear in most settings.
*Nucleus® 6 Bilateral


Doug B.

I tried out several devices and chose Baha because it gave me the clearest sound.
*Baha® 5 Connect Unilateral


Heather R.

I am a full-time Registered Nurse and writer. I like to keep active with hiking and biking.
*Kanso®, Bilateral


Karen L.

I am a mother of two kids with cochlear implants.
*Nucleus® 6 Bilateral


Lori O.

I enjoy my flower beds and the voices of my grandchildren are like music to my ears!
*Nucleus® 7 & Nucleus®6 Bilateral


Margo K.

I love gardening, flowers and vegetables, walking in my orchards, yoga and Tai Chi.
*Nucleus® 6 Bilateral


Marilyn K.

I was amazed with the technology.
*Baha® 5 Connect Unilateral


Marty G.

I love listening to my baby grandson’s giggles and talking with family and friends.
*Nucleus® 5 Bimodal


Mathias B.

So many new sounds. I’m so much more connected to the world around me.
*Nucleus® 7 Bimodal


Michael S.

My hobbies are reading and volunteering for holiday events at our local fairgrounds
*Nucleus® 6 Bilateral


Michelle F.

As a teacher, I have gained confidence while teaching.
*Nucleus® 6 & Hybrid™ Hearing1 Bilateral




1. The Acoustic Component should only be used when behavioral audiometric thresholds can be obtained and the recipient can provide feedback regarding sound quality. The Hybrid L24 Implant is approved in the US for adults ages 18 and older.