Connect with a Volunteer Through Cochlear Connections

Connect with someone who has experienced a personal hearing journey similar to yours.

Take a moment to find the right person to connect with by following these steps:

  • Select from the options below to connect with the right person
  • Select “Connect” on the profile that interests you
  • Fill out the form and submit it
  • The person you requested will respond to you soon!

Aaron B.

I am a business professional and outdoor enthusiast. I enjoy time with my family, sporting events and wildlife.
*Baha® 5 SuperPower, Connect


Angel V.

My daughter, MaKayla, LOVES basketball, enjoys spending time with her family, and listening to music.
*Nucleus® 6, Bilateral


Bill K.

I am a Veteran, with over 30 years of active duty in the United States Navy. I retired in 2002.
*Baha® 5 Power, Connect


Dwight J.

I am a retired AF officer, former teacher, current author, speaker and playwright. I love to hike, travel, read and mentor cadets.
*Baha® 5, Connect


David K.

I have been able to achieve my goal of dramatically improved hearing with the bimodal solution.
*Nucleus® 6 Bimodal


Gloria E.

I enjoy sewing and crocheting, riding ATVs and writing inspirational short stories.
*Nucleus® 6, Bimodal


Heather R.

I am a full-time Registered Nurse and writer. I like to keep active with hiking and biking.
*Kanso®, Bilateral


Iraida F.

I love playing brain games, walking my dog, and bicycling.
*Kanso®, Bilateral


Jennifer and Chris H.

Our son, Patrick, loves Legos, including Ninjago and Star Wars, exploring the castles of Scotland, and reading.
*Nucleus® 6, Bilateral


Jessie F.

I’m a college student, a reader, a writer, a photographer, an adventurer, and a world traveler.
*Nucleus® 6, Bilateral


John B.

I enjoy music, hiking, home improvement, geocaching, and wine making.
*Nucleus® 6 Hybrid™ Hearing,1 Bilateral


Marielys M.

Destiny has a Baha Attract and loves ballet, tap, jazz, and baseball.
*Baha® 5, Attract


Mike E.

I love going camping with my family in the summer and playing in the back yard with my two boys!
*Nucleus® 5, Bilateral


Sherree L.

My husband is a bilateral CI recipient, and I’m a retired Speech Pathologist. I enjoy traveling.
*Kanso®, Nucleus® 6, Bilateral


Sophia M.

Helio enjoys riding bikes, board games, and playing sports.
*Baha Connect


Stephen K.

I enjoy wood working and supporting other veterans dealing with hearing loss.
*Nucleus® 6, Bilateral



1. The Acoustic Component should only be used when behavioral audiometric thresholds can be obtained and the recipient can provide feedback regarding sound quality. The Hybrid L24 Implant is approved in the US for adults ages 18 and older.