Osia® Implant

The first and only active bone conduction system to enable MRI at 3.0 T.

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The Osia OSI300 implant

Like no other hearing implant, the Osia System uses a piezoelectric transducer to send sound directly to the cochlea. The Piezo Power™ transducer is made of piezoelectric layers that expand and contract to send vibrations through to the cochlea. The piezoelectric effect is the ability of certain materials to generate an electrical charge from mechanical stress, or in reverse, to generate vibrations from an electrical charge.

The advantages of the Piezo Power transducer include the ability to deliver high-frequency power in a slim design and compatibility for MRI as there is no magnetic material and no performance degradation after MRI exposure, as there is nothing to be demagnetized as in an electromagnetic transducer.1-3

With the OSI300 Implant, the Cochlear Osia System becomes industry’s first and only active bone conduction system to enable MRI at 3.0 T, allowing patients to undergo MRI scans with implant magnet in place, without the need of removing the magnet or the use of a headwrap. This patient benefit is made possible by combining the unique Piezo Power™ technology in the transducer, which does not contain magnetic material, and the next generation implant magnet technology for 3.0 T.

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The OSI300 uses a diametric magnet that sits within a casing and rotates to align with the magnetic field of the MRI machine.

The OSI300 Implant is only compatible with the Osia 2(I) Sound Processor.

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