Slim Modiolar Electrode (CI632)

Perimodiolar electrode designed to maximize placement and deliver improved hearing outcomes.


Slim Modiolar Electrode (CI632)

  • The Slim Modiolar Electrode is indicated for round window, extended round window and cochleostomy surgical approaches.
  • A Sterile Silicone Implant Template and Cochleostomy Sizing Tool are provided in the implant packaging.

  1. Intracochlear electrode with 22 platinum electrode contacts spread over 14mm active length.
  2. Distance from electrode tip to most proximal electrode contact - 14.4mm.
  3. Dimensions at basal end 0.475 x 0.5mm.
  4. Dimensions at apical end 0.35 x 0.4mm.
  5. Three white insertion depth markers, visible only after sheath is removed. Distance between white markers - 1mm.
  6. Distance from electrode tip to most proximal white marker - 18.4mm.
  7. White alignment marker on electrode - diameter 2.1mm.
  8. Position where the sheath can be reloaded onto the electrode.
  9. Proximal sheath end - diameter 0.77mm.
  10. Internal sheath - length 5.5mm.
  11. Sheath stopper - diameter 1.5mm.
  12. White alignment marker on sheath - diameter 1.45mm. When electrode is fully inserted, the markers on the electrode and the sheath are aligned.
  13. Sheath guide tube (including internal sheath length) - length 28.9mm.
  14. Sheath handle - length 9.5mm.
  15. Cochleostomy Sizing Tool - length from tip to stopper 2mm.
  16. Cochleostomy Sizing Tool tip - diameter 0.8mm.
  17. Cochleostomy Sizing Tool stopper - diameter 1.4mm.

Technical Specifications Sheet

Slim Modiolar Electrode (CI632) Technical Specifications Sheet


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