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Baha® Systems includes non-surgical treatment options with the Baha® SoundArc™ and Baha® Softband systems.


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Baha® SoundArc


Baha SoundArc is Cochlear’s modern and discreet over the ear option for those who need a different non-surgical option to Softband. The Baha SoundArc also allows for high quality demonstrations, evaluations, and trials with the Baha 6 Max sound processors. It is a stylish non-surgical option and is easy to use.

The Baha SoundArc is designed to sit above the ears and be worn behind the head, with the Baha sound processor attached to the Connector disc just behind the ear. Make sure the Baha SoundArc is fitted correctly prior to programming the sound processor with the Fitting Software.

  • Spring steel band fits neatly around the head, providing comfortable pressure for good sound transmission and retention
  • Secure coupling minimizes risk of feedback and allows easy attachment to Baha sound processors
  • Silicone grips for greater retention and snug fit
  • Bilateral and unilateral configurations available

Download the Baha SoundArc Fitting Guide



Baha Softband



The Baha Softband uses a flexible headband to hold the sound processor in place while it transmits vibrations to the bone through the skin. This system is designed to facilitate early amplification for children before surgery is indicated (under the age of 5), help individuals for whom surgery is contraindicated, and is also used in candidate counseling.

  • Consists of soft, elastic headband and plastic snap connector
  • Holds processor firmly but gently in place
  • Adjustable fastening facilitates easy pressure adjustment
  • Easy to shift position, increasing comfort and usefulness when child is in car seat or stroller
  • Built-in safety release
  • Bilateral and unilateral configurations available

With Cochlear, there are more options to fit the child’s lifestyle. The Baha Softband comes in a variety of colors and the sound processor comes with plenty of cool accessories.


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