Pair with a compatible Android device

If you have a Cochlearᵀᴹ Nucleus 7® Sound Processor, you can use the Nucleus® Smart App to pair your sound processor with your compatible Android device. Once paired, you can use the Nucleus Smart App to locate a misplaced sound processor, stream directly to a compatible Android device or monitor and adjust sound processor settings.

First you need to download the Nucleus® Smart App. To learn more about the app, click here:

When you have downloaded the app, you’ll have to create a Cochlear account or login using your existing account. Once you’ve logged into the app use the ‘Pair your processor’ screen and follow the prompts in the app, as well as the instructions in this video, to pair your sound processor with your Android device.

When you are a cochlear implant recipient, the implant is only part of the hearing solution. It’s not just the Nucleus® Smart App: Cochlear has a wide array of accessories that enhance your hearing journey. To find these accessories, click here: