Denise B.

Nucleus® 6, Bilateral |

A quick summary about Denise B.

  • I am a veteran of the United States Air Force
  • I struggled with ringing in my right ear until I woke up one morning profoundly deaf in both ears
  • I got my first cochlear implant in 2009 and my second in 2017, and now use Nucleus 6 in both ears

Tell us a bit about yourself

I was in my 30’s with ringing in my right ear and was evaluated for acoustic neuroma.  Thankfully there wasn’t a tumor, but my hearing continued to decline. In September 2008 I woke up profoundly deaf in both ears.  I had no ability to understand speech with hearing aids.  I received my first CI in February 2009 with a Freedom® processor. In March 2017 I received a second implant for my left ear. With two Nucleus® 6 processors and the wireless accessories I can hear in most settings.

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