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Sound Foundation for Babies Program

From the moment of birth, a baby hears new sounds all around them, building a sensory foundation to make sense of their world. However, when an infant has a hearing loss, they often navigate life in silence. When you introduce your baby to our program, you help them discover the joy of an entire new world of sound. Our program teaches your baby to listen to and understand their environment, easing them into it sound by sound, creating a foundation for them to hear and enjoy the world that is rightfully theirs.

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Program Description

Sound Foundation for Babies is designed to support parents with children who are first learning to listen. Your family can use the program with children who have hearing aids, cochlear implants or other listening devices. Fun weekly activities are designed for home use, to develop your child’s core learning areas of audition, receptive language, expressive language and speech. We also provide song suggestions and a book of the week to help your child achieve their weekly goals in new and exciting ways – guiding you in developing your children’s' spoken language through listening. We believe you will find the activities quite engaging, as they are designed to fit easily into everyday life and provide knowledge and understanding to achieve your child’s weekly goals.

Where to get started:

We encourage you to try the sample program activity. If this seems to be the type of program that interests you; let’s start with a short assessment so that we can point you in the right direction and help your child grow in the skills most important to you.


Program Sample

Here is a sample of the Sound Foundations for Babies program – we’re excited for you to try it!

In the first week, you will be encouraging your child to wear their device during all their waking hours. You may see them respond to some sounds, and they may begin making deliberate sounds with their voice. Your child may show other positive behaviors that indicate they are hearing, such as becoming more still when their sound processor is on, or simply smiling at something they hear.

Activity: The Banging Game

Child and parent (Mom) sit on the floor with large plastic tub, large spoon and puzzle pieces. Other parent (Dad) sits on the floor with back turned and an empty puzzle board. When child and parent bang loudly on the plastic tub, Dad turns around, points at his ear and says “I heard that!” The child then gives Dad a puzzle piece. After a few more examples, switch roles with the child on the parent’s lap, facing away from Dad. Dad bangs the tub. Mom turns the child around, points to ear and says “you heard that”. Child receives puzzle piece from Dad. Continue game, reversing roles and changing the reward.

You will note that activities are designed to be used wherever you may be – at school, the library, a café, or another setting. We are confident the program can effectively address daily communication challenges.