Baha® 5 SuperPower Sound Processor

This section will show you how to operate your Baha® 5 SuperPower Sound Processor, including how to make adjustments to settings and programs.


Sound Processing unit
Actuator unit
Battery module
Snap connector
Visual indicator

There are two different battery modules for the Baha 5 SuperPower Sound Processor; the Standard Rechargeable Battery Module, with longer battery life (minimum 32 hours*), and the Compact Rechargeable Battery Module, which is smaller (battery life minimum 16 hours*). Only use rechargeable battery modules and battery chargers supplied or recommended by Cochlear. Ask your hearing care professional for more information about the choice of battery module.

* Dependent on streaming, sound environments and gain settings

Please note: To wear your Baha 5 SuperPower, first attach the actuator unit to your abutment or magnet, then attach the sound processing unit.

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Locking battery module

To prevent the accidental removal of the battery module a locking mechanism is available. This is particularly useful for children. Use the tamper proof tool provided in the sound processor box to lock and unlock the battery module.


  1. To lock the battery module, place the locking tool into the battery module lock slot. Slide the locking pin up into place.
  2. To unlock the battery door, slide the locking pin down into place.

Battery charger

The rechargeable battery’s lifespan is at least 365 charge cycles. Battery life varies according to the programs used each day, the sound environment, and the size of battery. To get the longest life from the rechargeable batteries, always recharge before use.

Cycle batteries in different sockets when recharging to wear the sockets evenly.

Check that your battery charger is clean. If you notice any dust or dirt, unplug the power adapter, remove any battery modules and gently remove any dirt from the battery charger sockets.

Wearing options


The earhook keeps the sound processing unit in place behind your ear. Earhooks come in large, medium and small sizes. The smallest earhook can be made tamper resistant.

Note: Only remove your earhook from the sound processing unit when necessary to reduce wear and tear.

Earhook +

The Earhook+ keeps the sound processing unit in place behind the ear when used in UTE position. Earhook+comes in large and medium sizes and in different colors.

Note: Only remove your earhook from the sound processing unit when necessary to reduce wear and tear.


The transparent LiteWear clips on to your clothing and keeps the sound processing unit in place on your chest.

Keep the plug or Earhook on the sound processing unit to protect the programming contact from dust and dirt.

Microphone protectors

Replace your microphone protectors every three months, whenever they look dirty or whenever you notice any loss in sound quality. Always replace both microphone protectors at the same time.




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