Cochlear™ appears on your smartphone.

  • Nucleus® Smart App

    Designed specifically for the Cochlear™ Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor, the Nucleus Smart App allows you to adjust your sound processor settings across a range of different environments directly from a compatible Apple or Android™ device. Learn more

  • Nucleus® Support App

    All the answers you need in the palm of your hand - the Nucleus Support App gives you easy access to support for your Cochlear Nucleus® 5 or Nucleus® Freedom™ Sound Processor anytime, anywhere. Learn More

    Nucleus 5 and Freedom support app
  • Baha® 5 Smart App

    The Baha® 5 Smart App lets you optimise your hearing experience directly from your iPhone. Learn more

  • Baha® Control App

    Depend on your iPhone or Android™ smartphone to keep track of your life? Now there is an app that lets you control your Baha 4 Sound Processor too. Learn More

    Baha Control App
  • Baha® Support App

    The Baha Support app gives you support at your fingertips, wherever you are and whenever you need it. Learn More

    Baha Support App
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