Kanso® 2 service plan (Canada)

Find out about our service plans that will cover one sound processor for one year, giving you peace of mind knowing that unexpected repairs will be covered once your previous warranty or service plan ends.



Device name:  Nucleus® Kanso™

Device release date: 2016

Original warranty: 5 years, from activation date

Upgrade warranty: 3 years, from shipment date

Service plan available: Yes

Available for repair? Yes

What are my options?

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Purchasing options and pricing

By purchasing a service plan, you'll continue to have peace of mind knowing that replacement parts and unexpected repairs are covered once your previous warranty or service plan ends. Each service plan will cover one sound processing device for 1 year, and becomes active the day after your previous warranty or service plan expires; ensuring you are never without coverage.

Depending on when you purchase a service plan, your options and pricing may vary. Please select the option below that best describes your current coverage situation:


$780 CAD per sound processor

Payment options

At the time of purchase you can elect to pay for your service plan in full, or you have the option to set up a payment plan and finance 4 quarterly payments through Cochlear. Each payment plan includes a $50 financing fee and the first payment of $207.50 CAD is due at time of purchase. The remaining 3 payments will continue quarterly at the rate of $207.50 CAD.



$900 CAD per sound processor

Payment options

For one-time repairs, Cochlear does not offer financial assistance or payment plan options. A payment in the full amount of $900 must be made at the time of the one-time repair request.



$2,880 CAD per household

Payment options

The Cochlear Care Family Plan is designed to help families with multiple Cochlear implants to provide one-year service plan coverage at an affordable rate of $2,880 CAD. The Family Plan is available to spouses and dependent children and covers families between two and six individuals with a minimum requirement of 4 total sound processors. At the time of purchase, you can elect to pay for your family service plan in full, or split the amount into four consecutive monthly payments.

To order a family service plan, contact customer service at 1-800-483-3123 to see if your household qualifies.


Service plan information and questions

A service plan covers wear and tear overtime, accidental damage and manufacturer defects that could result in needing a repair to your Nucleus® or Baha® sound processing device(s). Under your service plan coverage, there is no limit to the number of times that you can send your sound processor in for repair, no questions asked. Your service plan also guarantees you'll have personalized support from one of our Recipient Support troubleshooting experts and all of your shipping materials and associated costs are covered. Cochlear also promises to have your sound processor returned to you within 3-5 days, after one of our trained technicians repairs and restores any issues.

A service plan must be purchased before your current warranty or service plan coverage expires. If your warranty or service plan expires before you purchase a service plan or upgrade your current sound processor(s), you will need to purchase a one-time repair fee should anything happen to your device(s).

If you are not planning to upgrade your sound processor(s) in the near future, Cochlear recommends having your current sound processor(s) covered by a service plan. Having a service plan ensures that you or your loved ones are protected from any unexpected out-of-pocket repair costs over the next year, or until you are ready for your next upgrade.

Cochlear allows you to send your sound processor in for repair at any time with the purchase of a one-time repair fee. In addition to having your sound processor repaired by a trained technician, this one-time repair fee also comes with 6-months of supplemental coverage for the repaired device. This means you'll have peace of mind knowing that your sound processor is repaired and covered for 6-months.

Yes, if no claims have been made against your service plan you may cancel within 30 days of original purchase and receive a full refund.

If you decide to cancel before you have completed all of your payments, Cochlear will issue a pro-rated refund less a $25 cancellation fee.

Or if you decide to upgrade your device before your service plan is up, but it is already paid in full, Cochlear will either issue a pro-rated refund, or you can elect to have the remaining coverage begin again at the end of the upgrade warranty on your new device.