Training and development

Whether you want to learn something new or build your current expertise as a cochlear implant professional, Cochlear can support you with education and training.

We have designed Cochlear's professional education programs to help you develop or enhance the skills you need to work with implantable hearing technology.

Cochlear is proud to help prepare surgeons, audiologists, speech pathologists and other hearing health professionals for today's clinical challenges.

We designed the courses for professionals with varying levels of hearing implant experience – from an introduction to hearing implants to advanced courses on new technology.

Real-world experience

Hands-on training with sound processors and software is critical for any professional who is learning about cochlear implants. Our workshops – which we hold in various locations around the world – offer hands-on training in a group setting.

We also run temporal bone labs for otolaryngologists new to cochlear implantation, as well as for experienced implant physicians seeking an update. The course covers surgical techniques for cochlear implantation specific to the Nucleus® electrode portfolio. The program includes a combination of didactic sessions, interactive discussion, and hands-on drilling in the temporal bone lab.

Cochlear™ Clinical Skills Institute (CCSI)

The Cochlear™ Clinical Skills Institute (CCSI) is a state of the art training facility for continuing clinical education in the field of implantable hearing solutions.


Classroom courses



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