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We want them to hear their teammates on and off the field.

Will your child benefit from a bone conduction solution?

You may be wondering if a bone conduction solution is right for your child. Ask yourself these questions and if you answer "yes" to any of them, then your child may benefit from a bone conduction solution.

  1. Was your child born with Down Syndrome, Treacher Collins or Goldenhar Syndrome?
  2. Does your child have draining ears?
  3. Does your child battle feedback or distorted sound quality while using hearing aids?
  1. Does your child have trouble getting sufficient loudness when using hearing aids?
  2. Does your child suffer from sore or irritated ears due to hearing aids?
  3. Is your child deaf in one ear?

Try it first, then decide.

With a bone conduction system, your child has the unique advantage of hearing the difference first. A Hearing Implant Specialist can help him or her try (demo) a sound processor so they can hear how it might sound before you make any decisions.

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The Baha Implant

The Importance of Reliability.

The BI300 is Cochlear’s latest titanium implant featuring TiOblast surface technology. The implant is designed to promote faster and stronger integration to the bone (through a natural process known as osseointegration) to provide a stable foundation. Our state-of-the-art implant has an exceptional reliability rate of over 98% and is backed by years of clinical research, which ensures you that your child’s implant may remain stable for years to come.1 The BI300 Implant lays the essential foundation for the Baha® Connect, Baha® Attract and Osia® Implant Systems.

Mother reading to daughter

Baha® Start

Your child's first steps to better hearing.

Baha Start is our non-surgical bone conduction solution that features the Baha Softband or SoundArc and Baha 5 Sound Processor options to address your child’s level of hearing loss and specific needs.

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*In the United States and Canada, a Baha Implant System is cleared for children over the age of 5.

** In the United States, the Osia implant is indicated for use in children ages 12 and older. In Canada, the Osia implant is indicated for use in children ages 5 and older.

Smart choices for life.

Because your child’s hearing needs are unique and may even change over time, your family will need options for today and the future. The Baha 5 System offers three head-worn sound processors, each one designed to meet a different level of hearing loss. From the smallest to the most powerful, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that Cochlear offers your child smart choices for a lifetime of better hearing.

Learn More About The Baha 5 Sound Processor

Baha 5 Sound Processor



The award winning Cochlear Baha® 5 Sound Processor is 20% smaller than all other comparable sound processors,1 yet it is full of advanced hearing technologies designed to help your child hear better than ever before.

A range of color options to match your hair

Choose the color of your child’s Baha Sound Processor for the perfect blend.


Learn More About The Baha 5 Power Sound Processor

Baha 5 Power Sound Processor



Created for those who need additional amplification because of a greater degree of hearing loss – up to 55dB -- the Cochlear Baha® 5 Power Sound Processor uses our most advanced, automated and smart technologies to help your child hear better in any situation, including noisy environments like the classroom.

The Baha 5 Power Sound Processor is designed to give you more control over your child’s hearing. It features a volume rocker for easy volume control and an LED indicator light that tells you if the sound processor is working properly. It also has a long battery life, providing up to 160 hours*, so you can have greater peace of mind that your child is hearing well all day.

*Battery life may vary by individual.

A range of color options to match your hair

Choose the color of your child’s Baha Sound Processor for the perfect blend.


Learn More About The Baha 5 Super Power Sound Processor

Baha 5 Super Power Sound Processor



Created for those with a substantial degree of hearing loss—up to 65 dB—the Cochlear™ Baha® 5 SuperPower Sound Processor is the industry’s first head-worn super power bone conduction solution. As the most powerful member of the Baha family of sound processors, it is designed to help those struggling to understand conversations even with power hearing aids.

The Baha 5 SuperPower Sound Processor includes our most advanced technologies, including dual microphones and SmartSound® iQ to help provide your child’s best hearing, especially in noisy environments.

A range of color options to match your hair

Choose the color of your child’s Baha Sound Processor for the perfect blend.


Cochlear Osia® System

The Osia System is a brand new hearing implant that uses a powerful Piezo Power transducer that expands and contracts to create powerful vibrations to send sound naturally to your inner ear, through bone conduction. The implant is made up of two parts, the Osia® Implant and the Osia® 2 Sound Processor.

Osia® 2 Sound Processor

The more power a sound processor has, the greater the opportunity your child has to hear more sounds. Additional power capacity can be critical if your child’s hearing loss declines over time, and that’s why the Osia System is designed to help those with a hearing loss up to 55dB SNHL*.

Built for Comfort and Durability

The Osia 2 Sound Processor is designed to sit securely and comfortably against your child’s head so they can wear it at school, during activities or wherever they are during the day. With its durable design it is dust, drop and moisture resistant, the sound processor can even be used in the water with the Aqua+ accessory that easily covers the Osia Sound Processor to make it waterproof down to almost 10 feet.**

Understanding Piezo Power Technology

The Osia System uses a special Piezo Power transducer that has a component that expands and contracts to create powerful vibrations. Piezoelectricity has been used for years in many products like microphones, high-end speakers and medical equipment, but Cochlear is pioneering its use in hearing implants.

Advantages of hearing with Piezo Power Technology:

  • Lifetime testing shows that Piezo Power technology provides powerful and consistent performance over time1
  • Has the ability to vibrate at high frequencies, enabling access to the area of sound most important for speech understanding
  • The transducer has a state-of-the-art design when compared to other traditional bone conduction transducers
  • Since there is no movement between parts, Piezo Power technology delivers long-term performance and durability

Our Bone Conduction Sound Processors can help your child hear their best, no matter where they are.

Made for iPhone

The Baha® 5 and Osia® 2 Sound Processors provide a smart connection to the people and devices your child loves.

Made for iPhone

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Smart Apps

Technology that helps personalize your child’s hearing experience.

Baha 5 Smart App

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Learn more about how your child can achieve better hearing through bone conduction.

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  1. Vanaelst B. Literature review and Evaluation: BI300 Implant years and survival rate. Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions AB, Sweden 2019.
  2. Goh J. OSI200 Implant Accelerated Life Test Report. D1439967. CochlearBone Anchored Solutions AB, Sweden 2019

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The Cochlear Osia 2 Sound Processor is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The Cochlear Osia Smart App is pending availability. For compatibility information visit

*SNHL means sensorineural hearing level.

**The Osia 2 Sound Processor with Aqua+ is water resistant to level IP68 of the International Standard IEC60529 when used with LR44 alkaline or nickel metal hydride disposable batteries. Refer to the relevant User Guide for more information. The Osia 2 Aqua+ accessory may not be available in all markets and is subject to regulatory approval and product availability.

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