"On an emotional level, I would call the cochlear implant a miracle worker, a life saver. It's just a complete gift. Our family is so grateful."

- Olivia W. - Nucleus® recipient

Cochlear Implants reunite twins

Alexia and Olivia were born with many similarities but as they grew older one major difference emerged: Olivia couldn’t hear. At age four, she lost her hearing and the family's world changed.

When Oliva said one day, "Momma, I can't hear the music," her family researched and decided to progress with a Cochlear Implant.

Upon activation, Olivia began playing musical instruments and she smiled brightly. This was the happiest day of her mother's life.


Views expressed by Cochlear recipients are those of the individual. Consult your hearing health provider to determine if you are a candidate for Cochlear technology. Outcomes and results may vary.