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We know firsthand that choosing the right bone conduction solution is an important decision and it can be life changing for you, your loved one or child.

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As part of our promise to help you “Hear now. And always,” we are committed to helping you achieve your best hearing experience every day. This means providing you with innovative hearing solutions and unsurpassed support throughout your entire hearing journey—today and into the future.  

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Hearing Outcomes
Broadest Fitting Range Our Baha® 5 Sound Processors offer a range of power options (Baha 5 up to 45 dB SNHL*, Baha 5 Power up to 55 dB SNHL*, Baha 5 SuperPower up to 65 dB SNHL*) all are fully equipped with advanced sound processing technology, wireless connectivity, and smartphone compatibility.
Our Most Powerful Processor Created for those with a substantial degree of hearing loss—up to 65 dB SNHL*, the Baha 5 SuperPower Sound Processor is the industry’s first head-worn super power bone conduction solution. Our behind-the-ear design separates the actuator and the microphones on the sound processor into two units to allow for maximum power potential.
Dual Microphones All of our Baha 5 Sound Processors feature two microphones which filters out background noise to enable better hearing in noise.
Automatic Sound Processing Cochlear’s SmartSound® iQ technology automatically selects the appropriate program based on where you are and optimizes the sound to give you the best hearing experience possible.
Lifestyle Connectivity
Made for Smartphones Cochlear’s SmartSound® iQ technology automatically selects the appropriate program based on where you are and optimizes the sound to give you the best hearing experience possible.
Baha 5 Smart App You can stream phone calls, videos, music and more to any of our Baha 5 Sound Processors directly from your compatible Apple® device. If you use an Android™ or other smartphone you can still enjoy direct streaming by using the True Wireless™ Phone Clip.
Wireless Accessories Our portfolio of Baha 5 Sound Processors connect wirelessly and hands-free to your favorite devices without the need for neck-worn loops.
Data Logging Cochlear’s data logging technology records detailed usage information that your audiologist can review and make any adjustments to ensure you are hearing your best.
One Implant,
Two Systems
There are two types of Cochlear Baha Systems to choose from, a magnetic connection or an abutment connection. Both Baha Attract and the Baha Connect System offer unique Cochlear technology to hear your best.
Wearing Options The Baha System offers three sound processors, each one designed to treat different levels of hearing loss. From the smallest to our most powerful, Cochlear offers smart choices for today and into the future.
Non-Surgical Bone Conduction Solutions For those who aren’t ready for a surgical solution or are not old enough for surgery, you can experience better hearing with the Baha Softband or SoundArc System. Our non-surgical wearing options are easy to use and compatible with all Baha 5 Sound Processors, and will work with one or two Baha Sound Processors.
Try Before You Decide With the Baha System, you have the unique advantage of trying it first before you make any decisions.
Reliability and Track Record The BI300 Implant is backed by clinical research demonstrating an excellent reliability rate at 99%.1
Upgradability Cochlear’s Baha Implant System allows access to new sound processor technology without the need for additional surgery, no matter when you were implanted.
MRI Access The Baha Connect System is designed for a high level of MRI compatibility. The Baha Attract System is conditionally approved for an MRI at 1.5 Tesla, with the sound processor removed and the magnet in place. For stronger MRI, the magnet can be temporarily removed. Both the Baha Connect and Attract Systems sound processors need to be removed before any MRI scan.**
Technology Innovation Cochlear invests $115 million annually in the development of future innovations with a continued commitment to every recipient for a lifetime of hearing experience.2
Raising Awareness Cochlear is driving initiatives and partnering with non-profit organization to address the importance of hearing health and the significance of treating hearing loss.
Lifetime Access
Insurance Coverage Support Cochlear provides full service reimbursement assistance, including submitting predetermination and appeals to health plans, that enables access for candidates and recipients. When a letter of medical necessity is required, Cochlear's cloud-enabled e-signature service makes the process fast and easy.
Lifetime Access Cochlear’s Health Economics Team is actively advocating for policies, including the sole sponsorship of the Standard of Care consensus, that will improve accessibility to hearing implants and new process technology for a lifetime.
Fast Personal Support
Hear Always Program Cochlear’s Hear Always Program is an exclusive program that provides expedited service if you ever have an issue with your sound processor.
Web-Based Support myCochlear provides on-demand and personalized information about your device where and when you need it.
Hearing Therapy Services Cochlear’s Communication Corner is an extensive rehabilitation website with resources in English and Spanish to help you improve your communication and listening skills.
Customer Support Cochlear Family connects recipients to one another, to personalized resources and technology including specials, promotions, education and support with 24/7 access.
Community Support Cochlear is the most chosen, most trusted hearing implant partner around the world, who has provided over 550,000 implantable hearing devices.3 At any point in your journey, you can easily connect with others who have been exactly where you are.

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In the United States and Canada, the placement of a bone anchored implant is contraindicated in children below the age of five.

* SNHL means sensorineural hearing loss.

** Prior to receiving an MRI, please consult with your clinician about proper precautions.


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