Baha® device information

Learn how to care for your Baha® device.

Baha Implants and Abutments

  • Baha Healing Cap with Plug User Guide
  • BIM400 Implant Magnet Compatibility Guide
  • Baha BA400 Abutment Compatibility Guide
  • Baha BA300 Abutment Compatibility Guide
  • Generation 2 Abutment Compatibility Guide

Baha Surgical

  • Reusable Instruments
  • Reusable Instruments NB
  • Baha Cover Screw Conical Compatibility Guide
  • Cochlear Baha Ruler IFU
  • Reprocessing Guidelines for Reusable Instruments

Baha Sound Processors

True Wireless™ devices

  • Wireless TV Streamer User Manual
  • Wireless Phone Clip User Manual
  • Baha Remote Control 2 User Manual
  • Wireless Mini Microphone 2+ User Manual


  • Vistafix VXA300 Abutment Compatibility Guide