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Cochlear: Making a difference

Making a difference in the lives of others

Cochlear is the world leading expert in implantable hearing solutions. For more than 30 years and in over 100 countries, Cochlear’s pioneering technology has transformed the lives of more than a quarter of a million people. With the gift of sound, we help people reconnect to their family and friends.

Making a difference through technology

Cochlear products set new benchmarks in hearing performance with industry leading products. Our constant drive for innovation and commitment to improving the lives of our customers underpins everything we do. That is why seven out of ten people worldwide who receive a cochlear implant choose Cochlear to help them “Hear now. And always”.

Making a difference through our people

Cochlear’s growth and innovation has been made possible through the commitment of our employees to a strong culture of continuously learning, developing and improving performance. Cochlear supports this by encouraging the open exchange of ideas within a flat hierarchy and with a range of opportunities to nurture internal career development and personal growth. Cochlear people are inspired to take responsibility within flexible and dynamic cross-functional projects and in collaboration with international colleagues to enjoy work that is interesting, challenging and rewarding.

Making a difference in the United Kingdom

Cochlear opened its UK office in 1992 and has grown steadily to become an employer with over 100 employees based out of our offices in Addlestone, Surrey.

At Cochlear Europe Ltd. we deliver sales, customer service and marketing for our customers within the NHS in the UK and Ireland. In cooperation with our distributor Southern ENT (insert link we are active in South Africa. And we also operate as the EMEA operations centre incorporating Supply Chain, Service & Repair, Finance, Legal,  Information Technology as well as Human Resources and Administration for our UK office.

Cochlear Europe Ltd. reports into Cochlear’s Europe, Middle East and Africa regional headquarters based in Basel, Switzerland and in turn to our global headquarters in Sydney, Australia. Cochlear EMEA is active in more than 50 countries and has additional subsidiaries in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and United Arab Emirates. Cochlear EMEA contributes more than 40% of global enterprise revenue. And Cochlear Europe Ltd. (our UK entity) with the countries UK, Ireland and South Africa contributes 15 % of the EMEA enterprise revenue.

We cooperate closely with Cochlear in Gothenburg, Sweden, home to the global headquarters of the Bone Anchored Solutions (BAS) product. In the UK we also cooperate with the Cochlear Technology Centre (CTC) based in Mechelen, Belgium where also  Cochlear Academy is located that provides specialist training for our employees and customers, including ENT surgeons and audiologists.

Our highly motivated employees maintain a collaborative and welcoming working environment within a fast paced and diverse commercial organisation. Together we connect people with moderate to profound hearing loss to the world of sound by offering life-enhancing hearing solutions that deliver the best possible hearing outcomes.

Making a difference with you

Cochlear Ltd. in UK places particular focus on attracting and retaining employees with strengths in sales, marketing, clinical-technical, audiology and engineering, customer and technical service, finance, controlling/business planning and Analysis, human resources, logistics, IT, legal and administration. Our core values of customer satisfaction, mutual respect, continuous improvement and innovation, performance and professionalism are the foundation of how we work with colleagues and external partners. Diversity is strongly encouraged at Cochlear, where you will work with colleagues from a variety of educational and cultural backgrounds. This diversity brings innovation, greater creativity and new perspectives which are important elements of our success.

To live up to our promise of providing hearing solutions for life, we focus on long-term employment and encourage our employees’ learning and development from an early stage. Cochlear’s global behavioural competencies support us in continuously improving our skills and abilities to achieve our business goals and objectives. As we continue to launch new products, you will experience a highly dynamic environment, sustainable growth and internal career development opportunities with the potential for international moves.

Cochlear Ltd. in the United Kingdom seeks committed employees with the best skills and strengths for our growing business. Naturally, we offer the competitive salaries and employment benefits that you have come to expect. Added to this, we promise a benefit that few employers can offer – the knowledge that you can make a real difference, improving the lives of others to Hear now. And always.

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