Cochlear was the first manufacturer to introduce cochlear implants with removable magnets in 1997. Our removable magnet means that recipients implanted more than 20 years ago can still access today’s MRI technology.

Cochlear™ Nucleus® Implants: designed for MRI compatibility at 1.5 T and 3 T

We designed the Nucleus® Profile™ Plus Series Implant so adults and children can have a routine 1.5 T MRI or a high-definition 3 T MRI without removing the magnet.1 This means no additional surgery, no need to wear a bandage in the MRI machine, no delay in having a scan done and, most importantly, no unnecessary time without sound.

For a complete set of instructions on performing an MR scan safely, refer to the MRI Guidelines for your region.* For a quick guide, refer to the MRI Safety Checklist for your region. Both documents are available for download at the bottom of this page.

MRI compatibility of previous generations of Nucleus implants

Most of our other Nucleus implants are designed to be compatible for MRI at 3 T with the magnet removed and at 1.5 T with the magnet in place1,2. To help prevent discomfort or dislodgement of the implant magnet during an MRI scan, which some people may experience, we have also made available the Cochlear MRI Kit. For more information on the MRI Kit and a complete set of instructions on performing an MR scan safely, select the MRI information for your region below.


Refer to the MRI information for your region:

Full MRI Guidelines

Download PDF

For the Nucleus Implants MRI Safety Checklist click here.

The information contained within the above animation is also available as a downloadable pdf.



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