Cochlear Wireless Mini Microphone 2+

Cochlear Wireless Mini Microphone 2+

Item number: KIT00236


Compatible with the Nucleus® 8, Nucleus 7, Kanso 2, Nucleus 6, and Kanso sound processors

Product information


The Cochlear™ Wireless Mini Microphone 2+ can either be clipped onto a speaker's clothing or placed on a table to pick up multiple people talking from different directions. Sound is then streamed directly to your sound processor, allowing you to hear better in noisy and challenging situations, and at a distance.

- Ideal for both one-to-one and group discussions, such as in educational and professional environments.
- Can be used over a distance of up to 25 metres.
- In-built telecoil for connectivity to loop systems.
- Line-in jack option for connectivity to audio sources (e.g. MP3 players and laptops).
- FM-compatibility.
- Private and secure connection.
- 11 hours of talk time on a single battery charge.
- Recharges in 3 hours (charger included).

Product colour


Product size

Weight: 22g
Dimensions: 61 mm high x 28.5 mm wide x 22 mm deep.

What's included

Mini Microphone 2,  USB cable (USB – micro USB), AC/DC adaptor, pouch and neck strap.