PowerOne IMPLANT Plus Battery (Size 675)

PowerOne IMPLANT Plus Battery (Size 675)

Item number: B454122


Compatible with Nucleus® 8, Nucleus 7, Nucleus Kanso, Nucleus 6, Nucleus 5, Nucleus Freedom sound processors

Product information


Designed especially for cochlear implant sound processors, PowerOne IMPLANT Plus (Size 675) batteries provide long battery life* for consistent processor performance.

What's included

PowerOne IMPLANT Plus Battery - Size 675 (Pack of 6 cells)

*Battery life varies for every user, according to the programs used each day, your implant type, the thickness of skin covering your implant, and the size and type of battery used. Streaming from compatible Apple devices, True Wireless™ devices or FM may decrease sound processor battery life depending on how often and for how long streaming is engaged.