Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

The 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Cochlear Limited will be held on Tuesday 17 October 2023 at 10:00am (AEDT).

The AGM will be held as a hybrid meeting, offering shareholders a choice to either attend in person at Cochlear Global Headquarters at Macquarie University or online.

If it becomes necessary or appropriate to make alternative arrangements to hold the meeting, shareholders will be given as much notice as possible. Shareholders proposing to attend the AGM in person are encouraged to check this page before the AGM for any ASX announcement on any change in approach. Details about how to attend and participate in the AGM, either in person or online, are set out in the Notice of Meeting, the Online Meeting Guide and on this page.

Shareholders can access an electronic copy of the Chair and CEO & President’s presentations on both the ASX website and here shortly before the start of the AGM.

A webcast recording will be made available for shareholders to watch after the AGM.

AGM Documents

How to Attend Cochlear’s AGM Online

Shareholders and proxies can watch and attend the AGM online via the Computershare online platform using either a computer, tablet or smart phone. Enter the following URL in your browser:

To attend the AGM online, you will need your Shareholder Reference Number (SRN) or Holder Identification Number (HIN), and your postcode.

Your SRN/HIN is printed on your Voting Form.

For Australian shareholders, your postcode is your postcode as registered with Cochlear’s Share Registry, Computershare. For overseas shareholders, please select the country of your registered address.

Proxies will need to obtain login credentials from Computershare Investor Services on +61 3 9415 4024 to request a unique email invitation link prior to the meeting day.

Shareholders and proxies are encouraged to complete the set-up in the Online Meeting Guide before the AGM. The link for online registration will open 1 hour before the start of the AGM.

Non-shareholders may view the AGM live via the Computershare online platform by registering online as a guest.

How to Vote

Before the AGM: Shareholders are encouraged to appoint a proxy or cast a vote before the AGM if they will not be attending the AGM in person or online, by lodging a completed Voting Form in the following ways:

  • Online:
  • By mail:
    Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited
    GPO Box 242
    Melbourne VIC 3001
  • By fax:
    (Australia) 1800 783 447
    (Overseas) +61 3 9473 2555

Completed Voting Forms must be received by Computershare no later than 10:00am (AEDT) on Sunday 15 October 2023. If you cast a vote before the AGM and attend the AGM, please note the Cochlear Limited Constitution provides that your attendance will cancel your vote (unless you instruct Computershare otherwise).

During the AGM - online: Shareholders and proxies can log in to vote on resolutions during the AGM through the Computershare online platform. Online voting will open shortly after the commencement of the AGM and close at a time as announced by the Chair.

During the AGM – in person: Shareholders and proxies can vote on resolutions in person during the AGM. Shareholders will require their SRN or HIN. Corporate representatives will need to present a completed and signed "Appointment of Corporate Representative" form upon registration.

How to Ask Questions

Before the AGM

Shareholders are encouraged to submit written questions and comments in advance of the AGM.

Questions may be submitted by lodging a completed Questions from Shareholders form by 5:00pm (AEDT), Wednesday 11 October 2023.

Shareholders may lodge a completed Questions from Shareholders form in the following ways:

During the AGM

Shareholders may submit written questions during the AGM using the Computershare online platform. A telephone line will also be available during the AGM for shareholders who wish to ask a question orally. The telephone line operator will transcribe the question onto the Computershare online platform as a written question. To utilise the telephone line, please call Computershare on 1300 855 080 (inside Australia) or +61 (3) 9415 4000 (outside Australia) by 10:00am (AEDT) on Thursday 13 October 2022, to register your participation and obtain the required access code.

Please note, only shareholders may ask questions on the telephone once they have been verified.

General Queries

If you have any questions about your holding or the upcoming AGM, please contact Computershare:

For assistance during the AGM, please call +61 3 9415 4024.

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