"I can't believe I didn’t know for so long. You shouldn’t have to wait 10 years. There’s so many people this could help and I just hope they hear my story."

- Randi L. - Baha® recipient

Randi hears the ocean again

A virus that attacked Randi's inner ear one night produced a ringing so loud she went to a doctor first thing the next day. The prognosis was devastating. Doctors told Randi she would never regain hearing in her right ear. She was 27.

Randi was surprised that modern medicine or technology couldn’t help. She withdrew from speaking in groups, and her relationships suffered.

Ten years later, Randi read an article about a Cochlear™ Baha® recipient who had single-sided deafness and researched it for herself.

Randi's moment of clarity came when she arrived home after surgery and her daughter whispered into her ear: "Does it work Mom? Do you hear me? I love you."


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