"He’s able to do so much, just anything that a regular kid can do and it's because of the Bahas. I know for a fact it’s because of the Bahas."

- Emily G., Mother of Josh - Baha® recipient

Josh loves being a team player

After a severe ear infection, Josh eventually experienced hearing loss in both ears that was so significant, he could only hear 'mumbles' with his hearing aids. When his mom, Emily, saw her son wasn't doing well at school and was withdrawing socially, she realized they needed a different solution.

Josh started with a Cochlear™ Baha® Implant on his left side and then got a second one in the other ear a year later. That’s when she noticed how Josh improved at school and with his friendships. Her initial nerves about getting a Baha were no longer present.

For Josh, his upgraded hearing experience means he can get out on the field and play sports, something he didn't think was possible before. He loves his music, YouTube, and Netflix. He's just like every other kid on and off the field.


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