"I hope to live 20 more or 30 more years, and I don't want to stay inside and read a book. I want to be active, I want to live life, I want to enjoy life."

- David D. - Baha® recipient

Embracing life after 60 with the Baha® System

Goldenhar Syndrome at birth caused David to develop single-sided deafness, and he coped as best he could. It wasn't until he was in his 60s that he realized it was time for a change because he couldn't hear his grandchild speak.

Now with his Baha® 5 Power Sound Processor, life is in stereo. David spends time with his family, at the gym and going to the theater. He no longer has to turn his head to one side to hear or ask people to speak louder.

David feels the improvement to his daily life is amazing and he wants to share his story with others.


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