Training and development

The company Cochlear provides education and training for hearing health professionals  in the area of hearing implantable solutions. 

An audiologist conducts a hearing test with a patient

The training programs developed by Cochlear are intended for surgeons, ENT doctors, hearing aid specialists and speech therapists. They offer a varied content that is adapted to the different levels of mastery of these health professionals.

Real-world experience

Hands-on training with sound processors and software is important for any professional who is learning about hearing implants. Our workshops – which we hold in various locations around the world – offer hands-on training in a group setting.

We offer courses for otolaryngologists new to cochlear implantation, as well as experienced implant physicians looking for an update. These courses cover surgical techniques for cochlear implantation specific to the Nucleus® electrode portfolio. They include a combination of didactic sessions, interactive discussion and hands-on training.

Training centres

Cochlear trains in a number of facilities around the world, including the purpose-built Cochlear Clinical Skills Institute (CCSI). The CCSI is located in the Australian Hearing Hub, on campus at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia - the Cochlear global headquarters. The CCSI provides a and education facility for training people to treat hearing loss.

To stay up to date on all our professional education opportunities, contact your local Cochlear representative. 

Clause de non-responsabilité

Consultez votre professionnel de santé pour connaître les traitements possibles en matière de perte auditive. Les résultats peuvent varier et votre professionnel de santé pourra vous indiquer les facteurs susceptibles d’affecter ces résultats. Veuillez toujours consulter les instructions d’utilisation. Tous nos produits ne sont pas disponibles dans tous les pays. Veuillez contacter votre représentant Cochlear local pour plus d’informations sur les produits.

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