Faye Yarroll

Location: Australia
Birthdate: 1958
Age at Implantation: 41-64 years
Hearing Loss Type: Hereditary sensorineural hearing loss

“Faye's only regret in life was that she had to wait so long to hear. If only someone had said years ago, why don't you find out about getting a Cochlear Implant she would not have had to struggle so long with profound deafness. Now a Bilateral Cochlear Implant user Faye is living a full life and says it has been a truly amazing experience”.

Profession: I.T. Management Career
Cochlear Implant/s: 2 x Nucleus CI24RE
Sound Processors: 2 x Nucleus 6 CP910
First Implant: 23 March 2005
Second Implant: 27 April 2007

Anyone with a hearing loss will know and understand how hard it can be just trying to hear the simple things in life that many people take for granted.Knowing what I know now, there are hearing choices after your hearing aids are no longer enough or giving you little or no benefit.This is my story.

It now been 10 years since I received the greatest gift of all – “the Gift of Hearing” and wow hasn’t technology changed. Fast forward to today and I am now using the latest Nucleus 6 Sound Processors together with SmartSoundIQ sound management system. My hearing just keeps getting better and so does my ability to hear and understand in difficult and noisy situations.

2015 - Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, along comes the new Cochlear Wireless Accessories. All I can say is... "I just love them!"

I now can stream from my Smart Phone directly to both of my Cochlear Processors. Now not even normal hearing people can do that! I am now using the new Cochlear Phone Clip for my mobile telephone calls, the Mini Microphone when at restaurants and coffee shops and noisy places, and the fantastic TV Streamer allows me to enjoy high quality streamed audio direct to my sound processors from a TV, stereo, computer or other similar device.

Once you try the new Wireless accessories you will fall in love with them and like any new gadget…once you have used them... then you can’t live without them.

Looking back on my story so far, I was born with a hereditary hearing loss and grew up using two hearing aids. My siblings, parents and grandparents are all hearing impaired.

As a teenager I spent 5 years learning the skill of lip-reading through Better Hearing Australia. This improved my communication greatly and allowed me to develop what many have called a remarkable memory. It also enabled me to watch and understand conversations from a distance. Travelling to and from work on public transport was sometimes very interesting!

I had an accident while holidaying at the snowy mountains when I was 25 that resulted in a profound hearing loss in my right ear. This accident was as a result of being hit in the head and ear with a hard packed snowball! I also suffered a medical problem in 2003 (aged 44) which caused me to lose most of the small amount of hearing I still had in my 'good' left ear. This caused me major communication and personal problems because of my profound deafness.

2004 and 2005 were probably the hardest years of my life. During this time I worked for a major computer company managing IT Support for thousands of users spread throughout the world. My hearing was deteriorating so quickly that I considered throwing-in-the-towel at work. Everything was becoming too hard.

In March 2005 and April 2007 I had my Cochlear Implant operations in Sydney. On both occasions my surgeon was Professor Bill Gibson... to whom I am forever grateful.

At my first switch-on everything sounded a bit robotic. But my brain quickly responded and within 24 hours people started to sound normal ... as normal as I can remember.

Day one was unbelievable... I could hear the birds chirping in the trees, the blinkers clicking in the car and I had no idea that flushing the toilet was such a noisy event! Filling the kitchen sink with water sounded like Niagara Falls and my little dogs bark was way too loud.

Experiencing all the little noises that comes with day to day living now meant a whole new meaning to me.

Having my second cochlear implant in 2007 improved my hearing even further. I can now judge which direction sounds are coming from. Having two cochlear implants work like surround-sound giving me a clearer and improved quality sound. I just love using my Bilateral Cochlear Implants.

Having one Cochlear Implant was fantastic, but having two Cochlear Implants has been absolutely awesome and amazing”.

Thanks to Cochlear I can now hear better than I have ever heard before. I have regained my independence and confidence and I can now use the telephone and mobile phone as well.There is not much I can’t do these days!

I am also a volunteer member of the Cochlear Awareness Network and I often spend time helping others and doing guest speaking for any organization who would like to know how a Cochlear hearing solution can improve the lifestyle and communication ability of adults and children with moderate to profound hearing loss in the Sydney area. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to hear my inspiring story or if you are considering cochlear implant/s and would like to ask me questions about my experience. My contact details are: Telephone: (02) 9706 8007 Email: fayeyarroll@optusnet.com.au

Please seek advice from your health professional about treatments for hearing loss. Outcomes may vary, and your health professional will advise you about the factors which could affect your outcome. Always read the instructions for use. Not all products are available in all countries. Please contact your local Cochlear representative for product information.