Self-managed Care

Self-managed care empowers your patients to actively manage their hearing outcomes in real-life moments, in partnership with you.

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What you will find on this page

  • Meeting the changing needs of your patients
  • How Self-managed Care can empower patients to actively manage their hearing outcomes

Empowering patients in everyday moments

As a pioneer in implantable hearing, we know that patient expectations change over time and people increasingly expect services – including hearing care – to be instantly available, personalised, and easy to use. Using Self-managed Care solutions you can empower your patients to actively manage their hearing experience in partnership with you, using the latest in digital technology.

Self-managed Care tools help to keep patients engaged on their hearing journey as they proactively manage their device settings and build listening and communication skills.

Our Self-managed Care solutions are designed to support your patients as they optimise their hearing outcomes.

Cochlear™ Smart Apps

Our portfolio of Smart Apps help your patients to adjust their sound processor settings for a range of different hearing environments directly from their compatible Apple or Android device.*

Where available, the Smart Apps can also provide access to Remote Care and Self-managed Care solutions.

We offer the following Smart Apps:

  • Nucleus® Smart App for Nucleus 7 and Kanso® 2 Sound Processors
  • Baha® Smart App for Baha 6 Max Sound Processors
  • Baha 5 Smart App for Baha 5 Series Sound Processors
  • Osia® Smart App for Osia Sound Processors
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“I use the Smart App very often as I always have my smartphone with me, and it is very convenient and easy to use”

- Maria, Cochlear implant recipient


This material is intended for health professionals. If you are a consumer, please seek advice from your health professional about treatments for hearing loss. Outcomes may vary, and your health professional will advise you about the factors which could affect your outcome. Always read the instructions for use. Not all products are available in all countries. Please contact your local Cochlear representative for product information.

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Views expressed are those of the individual. Consult your health professional to determine if you are a candidate for Cochlear technology.

* The Cochlear Nucleus 7 and Kanso 2 Sound Processor is compatible with Apple and Android devices. The Cochlear Nucleus Smart App is available on App Store and Google Play. For compatibility information visit

In Australia, Cochlear™ Nucleus® implant systems are intended for the treatment of moderately severe to profound hearing loss.

In Australia, Baha® bone conduction implant systems are intended for the treatment of moderate to profound hearing loss.

In Australia, the Cochlear™ Osia® System is indicated for patients with conductive, mixed hearing loss and single-sided sensorineural deafness (SSD) aged 10 years and above with up to 55 decibels sensorineural hearing loss. Patients should have sufficient bone quality and quantity to support successful implant placement. Surgery is required to use this product. Any surgical procedure carries risk.

For Cochlear™ Nucleus®, Osia® and Baha® systems: This product is not available for purchase by the general public. For information on funding and reimbursement please contact your health care professional.

Any testimonial featured on this website is intended for an Australian audience only.