Learn More About The Steps to a Lifetime of Better Hearing.

For over thirty years we’ve helped people hear better, and no one’s ever said, “I wish I would have waited.” In fact, the opposite is true. And once you make this life-changing decision, there are just a few steps to get you well on your way to hearing your best.

Step 1 - Hearing Evaluation

After a Hearing Implant Specialist determines you’re a candidate, you’ll talk with a surgeon about the procedure. Unlike hearing aids, hearing implants are covered by most insurance plans, Medicare and typically Medicaid.*


Step 2 - Implant Procedure

This outpatient surgery is usually done under general anesthesia and lasts only a couple of hours. In a few days, most people are back to their normal activities.

Find out more about the Cochlear™ Nucleus® Hybrid™ Implant System, Nucleus® Cochlear Implant System or Baha® System.**

Step 3 - Activation Day

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Shortly after your implant procedure, you’ll be ready for your sound processor to be turned on. This is one of the most exciting days, the moment you've been waiting for. Shortly after your implant procedure, you'll be ready for your sound processor to be turned on.

Step 4- Getting the Most Out of Your Hearing Implant

Before long, you may be hearing better than you ever thought possible. Our Customer Support Services can help make sure of it.

Get Answers To Your Questions

You’re not alone in your journey – we’re with you every step. We know firsthand what a wonderful, life-changing decision you’re about to make. Many of us have a Cochlear hearing implant ourselves. And, since Cochlear is trusted by more people than all the other hearing implant companies combined,1-2 there are many people that have been where you are and are ready to help.

As part of our promise to help you “Hear now. And always”, we are committed to supporting you or your child throughout your entire journey to better hearing. Below are ways you can connect to our anytime, anywhere resources.

Connect with a Cochlear Expert

If you are considering a Cochlear hearing solution, we have a team of experts ready to assist you! You just can't get better advice.

Email: Concierge@Cochlear.com

Phone: 1 800 216 0228

Insurance Coverage

Cochlear implants are covered by most insurance plans, Medicare and typically Medicaid. We have an Insurance Support Team that can help you seek insurance coverage or help you navigate through the appeals process if you have been denied.

Phone: 1 800 633 4667 (option 4)

Cochlear Connections

Learn about Cochlear hearing solutions from others who use Cochlear hearing implants. Here you will meet Cochlear volunteers who have been through a similar journey and get answers to your questions.


*The Nucleus Hybrid System may be classified as new technology by health plans and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis until universal adoption. Cochlear is being proactive with working with the insurance companies to expand their consideration of coverage for the Nucleus Hybrid Implant System on an ongoing basis. Contact your insurance company or local Hearing Implant Specialist to determine your eligibility for coverage.

**Hybrid Hearing is approved in the US only for use with the Nucleus Hybrid L24 Implant and adults ages 18 and older.



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