Nucleus® surgical techniques and videos

Surgical Techniques for the Contour Advance®


Contour Advance® Electrode

  • For Severe to Profound Hearing Loss
  • True innovation with the industry’s longest standing perimodiolar electrode 
  • Proven Perimodiolar Placement 

The Contour Advance gets you close to the hearing nerve through its unique stylet based design. With the Advance Off-Stylet® technique, you can achieve an insertion with minimal lateral wall trauma1 to maximize performance outcomes.2 Proximity to the spiral ganglion cell population has been proven to provide targeted stimulation and minimize physiological factors correlated to the distance from the modiolus.3,4

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Key Features

  • Softip™ for minimal insertion trauma

  • White marker assists Advance Off–Stylet (AOS™) insertion

  • 22 half–banded platinum electrode contacts provide focused stimulation to the spiral ganglion cell region


This picture of the Contour Advance Electrode inserted in the scala tympani shows excellent preservation of all structures and ideal perimodiolar electrode positioning.


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