In-clinic Care

In-clinic Care gives you the tools you need to ensure every clinic appointment delivers the best result for your patient.

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What you will find on this page

  • How In-clinic Care can help you optimize patient management and care

  • The tools available to support In-clinic Care

Streamlining clinic care

Providing personalized patient care is at the heart of what you do. Like you, we always start with people in mind - thinking about how we can meet their needs. That's why our In-clinic Care solutions help you to optimize patient management and care, giving you more time to ensure every clinic appointment delivers the best result for your patients. Our In-clinic Care solutions use measurements from surgery – as well as Cochlear’s extensive fitting and performance data – to inform programming and optimize hearing outcomes during clinic appointments.

Cochlear’s comprehensive range of fitting software and the myCochlear Professional portal are there to help you support your patients as they connect with loved ones and the world around them.

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“Cochlear give us tools so that we can take the focus off the device and focus in on the goals and hearing outcomes that our clients are striving to achieve”

- Australian Audiologist

Cochlear™ Fitting Software

Our portfolio of cochlear implant and bone conduction fitting software offers intuitive layouts and guided workflows to help you achieve the right fit for each patient.

We offer the following fitting software:

  • Custom Sound® Pro Fitting Software for Nucleus® and Kanso® Sound Processors
  • Baha® Fitting Software for Baha Sound Processors
  • Osia® Fitting Software for Osia Sound Processors


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