"It got activated and I remember we had a 4th of July get together with a bunch of friends and I was sitting around a table and everybody was talking and I was just having a great time listening to everybody and hearing what they had to say."

- Deb A. - Nucleus® recipient

Deb rejoins the conversation

Deb started to lose her hearing in her mid-30s—a big challenge for someone who works in a call center. Hearing aids helped make things louder, but the sound remained muffled. It was difficult for Deb to stay in conversations on the telephone.

In 2009, Deb had her first Cochlear Implant surgery and was back at work after three days. A year later, she got an implant for her other ear.

Being able to hear with both ears has opened up another world for Deb. She says it was like going from black and white to color, high-definition TV.


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