"In the beginning, it's so overwhelming. Now, we never see [his hearing loss] as a limitation for him. He can take any class that he wants, he can be involved in any extracurricular activity that he picks, and he can go to college. Whatever it is that he chooses, that's what he can do."

-Jen H., Mother of Patrick - Nucleus® recipient

Watch Patrick's progress over the years

When Patrick's parents learned he failed his new-born hearing screening, they were thrown into a world they knew nothing about. All the hopes and dreams they had for their son quickly turned into questions and scenarios. How will he communicate? Will he be safe? Will he make friends? So, when they learned about cochlear implants, they didn't hesitate.

Now, years later, Patrick's parents are thankful every day for the experiences they share together. They listen to music, read books, play sports and enjoy traveling together. Patrick has always been ahead of the curve in his language development and is excelling academically at his mainstream school. He truly has no limits. 



Views expressed by Cochlear recipients and hearing health providers are those of the individual. Consult your hearing health provider to determine if you are a candidate for Cochlear technology. Outcomes and results may vary.