True Wireless™ devices

Some everyday activities can be more challenging than others. That's where True Wireless™ accessories can help maximize your hearing experience.


What you'll find on this page

  • How True Wireless accessories can bring you closer to sound in challenging situations
  • An easier way to watch TV, talk on the phone and listen to music

True Wireless™ freedom — no strings attached

Cochlear offers optional accessories designed to help you hear better in challenging situations. With our True Wireless accessories, you can stream sound directly to your sound processor using built-in 2.4 GHz wireless protocol that Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi devices depend on. No need for neck-worn loops or attachments to the sound processor. Our True Wireless devices allow you to focus on enjoying more from life and less on trying to hear.

True Wireless Technology

True Wireless devices stream audio straight to your Cochlear™ Sound Processor without any interference. They connect to your sound processor using Bluetooth® technology.

True Wireless Devices are compatible with the following Cochlear Sound Processors:

  • Nucleus® 8 Sound Processor
  • Nucleus 7 Sound Processor
  • Nucleus Kanso® 2 Sound Processor
  • Nucleus Kanso Sound Processor
  • Nucleus 6 Sound Processor
  • Osia® 2 Sound Processor
  • Baha® 6 Sound Processors
  • Baha 5 Sound Processors

Don't miss a moment: Mini Microphone 2+

Whether you are in a meeting, yoga class or on a football field, the Mini Microphone 2+ transmits speech and sound to your sound processor and can help you hear more clearly.1-3


Clip a Mini Microphone 2+ to your companion's collar when you are dining at a restaurant, or ask your child's teacher to wear it during class instruction time.

Group conversations

Place a Mini Microphone 2+ in the center of a meeting room table at work, or in the middle of the group for game time in the classroom., and bring the conversation to your sound processor.

The Mini Microphone 2+ also has connectivity to audio sources such as TV, Hi-Fi, loop systems and FM systems.

Voice and music streaming: Phone Clip

Use your Cochlear Phone Clip to make talking on the phone easier. You can even leave your phone in your pocket or bag and enjoy the convenience and safety of hands-free calling. It’s small and lightweight, so you can clip it to your clothing and take it wherever you go. With the phone clip you can:

  • Stream phone calls directly to your sound processor
  • Listen to music or videos from your smartphone or tablet
  • Listen to GPS navigation in your car
  • Use your smartphone's voice command
  • Compose text messages

Enjoy TV without captions: TV Streamer

You can have personal volume control while enjoying TV with your family. The TV Streamer gives you stereo sound transmitted directly into your sound processor. Experience a night in front of the TV without the need for captions or turning the volume up to uncomfortable levels with others in the room.


Please seek advice from your health professional about treatments for hearing loss. Outcomes may vary, and your health professional will advise you about the factors which could affect your outcome. Always read the instructions for use. Not all products are available in all countries. Please contact your local Cochlear representative for product information.

Views expressed are those of the individual. Consult your health professional to determine if you are a candidate for Cochlear technology.

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*Data gathered with Mini Microphone.


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