Listening with two ears

Why is it better to hear with two ears and what are the options?

Why is it better to hear with two ears and what are the options?

If your child only has one cochlear implant but has hearing loss in the second ear, it is important to remember to keep the second ear stimulated. This can be done either through the use of a hearing aid or a second cochlear implant. At a minimum, a hearing aid keeps the nerve cells in the ear stimulated. By not wearing a hearing device, the ear does not get stimulated, which may cause the ear to lose its ability to process sound.

When we hear with two ears we get more than just double the sound. Our brain uses the information from two ears to provide sound that is more natural, fuller and in “3D”.With only one hearing ear we cannot determine the direction a sound comes from.

With sound being heard in both ears, the brain is able to detect the very small time differences between when the sound hits the ear closest to the sound and the ear that is furthest from the sound.

Using this information we are able to determine which direction the sound came from.

In a classroom this can assist your child in determining which of their classmates is speaking during a lesson and more easily participate in classroom discussions.

With two hearing ears, the child will always have a hearing ear facing the teacher.

Research shows that children with two hearing ears perform better at school.

With sound being received in two ears the brain is able to focus more easily on the sounds of interest.This means your child can more easily focus on the teacher’s voice.