Baha® sound quality

Baha® sound processors are designed to help adults and children hear clear, rich and natural sound1 in different environments.


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  • Discover the features that may help recipients hear clearer sound.
  • How SmartSound® iQ technology adapts to different environments.

Our sound philosophy

Our commitment to sound, through Human Design, is key to the quality of sound adults and children can experience with our products. The aim of the Human Design concept is to adapt the technology to function in harmony with the body and its natural hearing pathways to deliver a full, natural sound experience for the brain to interpret.

Hearing clear, rich and natural sound1 may help adults and children fully experience their environment and know what’s happening around them. It may help recipients hear sounds they have been missing and better locate where the sounds came from or it can help them identify specific actions such a key turning a lock.

Every day, recipients move through several different hearing environments—and their sound processor should adapt automatically, so they can experience the sound around them to the fullest.

Better sound quality²

The Baha system lets adults and children experience clear, rich and natural sound.1 It manages feedback to produce less distortion3 and actively works to reduce unwanted noise.

The Cochlear™ Baha 6 Max Sound Processor helps recipients access a broad and dynamic range of sounds which may improve their ability to understand speech in noisy situations.4

Sound processors that adapt to recipients' world

Cochlear Baha sound processors feature advanced technology3 that adapts automatically to recipients' environment. This way, the subtle differences of sound are provided to adults and children, so they only need to focus on the situation they're in.

SmartSound iQ technology is designed to automatically reduce the noise that can impact adults' and children's ability to hear in different situations.

How it works:

  • SmartSound iQ technology analyses you the surroundings and identifies the listening environment as one of seven scenes.
  • The technology adjusts and optimises sound automatically to deliver clear sound in different environments.1
  • The signal processing features work to deliver clear sound by enhancing speech, reducing noise and increasing comfort.
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