What you'll find on this page

  • Questions to ask your hearing care professional.
  • What to expect on fitting day and beyond.

What usually happens on fitting day?

Hearing health professional will fit and program the sound processor a few weeks after the surgery. It’s typically a simple and quick process.

Hearing health professional will connect the sound processor to the programming software and place the sound processor on recipient's head. After the feedback test is performed the recipients will be able to hear sound through the sound processor for the first time.

Hearing health professional will program the sound processor to meet recipient's individual needs. The professional can set specific listening programs for different hearing situations, such as quiet or noisy environments.

The new hearing device is then ready to go.


What to expect after the sound processor is turned on

When the sound processor is turned on, all the new sounds can seem a little overwhelming for the recipient at first - it will take some time to adjust and get used to the new sounds.

Initially, one's hearing may feel different. Generally, within a few weeks of taking in all sorts of different sounds, the brain will adapt and recipient's hearing will start to feel more natural.

Recipients are advised to follow the guidelines for care and maintenance of their device. We offer many how-to videos, and our customer service team can help answer any questions they might have.