Cochlear™ scholarships support recipients with Cochlear hearing solutions to undertake university study and help fulfill their life ambitions. 

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  • The scholarships available for Cochlear implant recipients.
  • Details on who is eligible for a Cochlear scholarship.
  • How to apply.

Cochlear is proud to support the academic excellence of our recipients through the Graeme Clark Scholarship for Cochlear™ Nucleus® implant recipients.

We award our scholarships based on academic achievement and a demonstrated commitment to the Cochlear ideals of leadership and humanity.

For our Nucleus implant recipients: The Graeme Clark Scholarship

The Graeme Clark Scholarship is open to Nucleus implant recipients in the Middle East and Africa. This award helps individuals further themselves by undertaking university studies.

The work of Graeme Clark

Professor Graeme Clark was the Professor of the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Melbourne. The pioneering work of his department led to the first multi‐channel research implant – also known as a ‘bionic ear’ – being ‘switched on’ in 1978. The team also produced the first Nucleus implant in 1982.

Professor Clark’s lifelong commitment to finding a solution for hearing impaired people inspired a revolution not only for those with severe to profound hearing loss, but also for their families and friends.

Who is eligible for the award?

The Middle East and Africa Scholarship is open to Cochlear Nucleus recipients who are:

  • 16 years or over at application deadline
  • studying for at least another two years.

Candidates must also be:

  • currently completing their final year of school or sixth form college
  • accepted onto a full‐time university or other tertiary education course
  • mature students who have been accepted onto a full‐time or other tertiary education course
  • students currently undertaking a full‐time university degree or other tertiary education course.

Previous applicants can apply if they meet the above criteria.

When does the scholarship application process start?

Applications will reopen in September.

How is the winner selected?

We award the scholarship based on academic achievement and a demonstrated commitment to the Cochlear ideals of compassion and benevolence.

A judging panel of three independent Cochlear implant professionals selects the winner based on application submissions. The decision of the panel is final.

How will the winner be notified?

We contact the winner via email within 6 months of the deadline date.

What you need for your application

  1. A completed application form signed in ink.
  2. A copy of your final school or sixth form college Statement of Results. Include general and advanced level results.
  3. A one‐page list of academic and extra‐curricular activities or awards (including dates).
  4. A personal typed statement supporting your application. In 1,000 words or less, use simple and direct language to describe:
    • how a cochlear implant has generated more opportunities for you in the hearing world
    • the area of proposed study
    • your aspirations and reasons why you want to be considered for the Cochlear UK & Ireland Graeme Clark Scholarship.
  5. Proof of age and residency (e.g. photocopy of your birth certificate or passport).
  6. Three letters of reference. The referees should:
    • not be directly related to you
    • preferably have known you for at least two years.
    • at least two must be individuals who’ve given you educational instruction.
  7. Written proof of residence (e.g. photocopy of a bank statement or utility bill).
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