Corporate Governance

Cochlear Limited is committed to high standards of corporate governance for which the Directors are accountable to shareholders.

Each year in the Cochlear Governance report Cochlear reports against the ASX corporate governance council’s corporate governance principles and recommendations. Cochlear monitors developments in this area on a continuous basis.

Cochlear 2019 Annual Report Corporate Governance Statement

  • Board of Directors

    The Board, working with senior management, is responsible for overall business performance. It approves company goals and directions, plans and performance and ensures appropriate policies, procedures and systems are in place. Learn More

  • Senior Executives

    Biographies of the members of Cochlear's senior executive team. Learn More

  • Board Committees

    The board has established five standing committees as an efficient mechanism for considering detailed issues and making recommendations for consideration by the entire board. Learn More

  • Company Policies

    Cochlear's business practices are governed by a series of codes and policies. It is the intention of Cochlear's board that these codes and policies are understood and strictly adhered to by all relevant parties and that they are reviewed and updated on a regular basis. Learn More

  • Constitution

    Constitution of Cochlear Limited Learn More