Company profile

Delivering over three decades of implant innovation to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Cochlear is built upon a foundation of success.

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How did we get there? In a word: goals. By setting corporate goals for customer focus, organisational performance, and shareholder value, strategic thinking has leveraged our innovation into a very successful business. Our goals include:

Customer focus

We focus on bringing customers lifetime value with:

  • innovative, high-quality products and services that help implant recipients interact more fully with their world.
  • a continuous service-oriented experience from start to finish. Every customer interaction and experience is seamless, consistent and positive.
  • customer information systems that deliver products and services to match customer preferences and needs.

Organisational performance

Ours is a dynamic, performance-focused organisation, poised to achieve its full potential with:

  • a corporate culture and core values that attract and retain high-quality talent.
  • leadership capabilities that ensure a lasting, compelling future for employees.
  • tools and processes for managing performance.

Shareholder value

Cochlear creates shareholder value and meets stakeholder expectations through:

  • maximised sales revenues and an optimised sales revenue mix.
  • maximised return from the effective management of working capital and other assets.
  • optimised return through a well-managed dividend policy.